Prof. Takeshi Mizuno

Professor Takeshi Mizuno

Saitama University, Japan

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Speech Title: Control Issues in Active Magnetic Suspension Technology

Abstract:The noncontact suspension of an object is still fascinating people. A typical method of achieving such suspension is magnetic suspension in which the object (floator) is kept in air by magnetic force. There is no contact between stator and floator. No mechanical friction and wear are expected during operation even without lubrication. These advantages have already given rise to many industrial applications such as Maglev systems for transportation, and magnetic bearings for the suspension of rotating object (rotor).

Among various methods of magnetic suspension, active electromagnetic suspension is most widely used in industrial applications. In this technology, active control plays a critical role mainly because this type of magnetic suspension system is inherently unstable.

In this speech, several approaches of control are introduced. First, an overview of technological fundamentals is explained. Then, the pioneer and/or recent works of the author are presented.

Professor firoz alam

Professor Firoz Alam

RMIT University, Aaustralia

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Professor Somnath Chattopadhya

Professor Somnath Chattopadhyaya

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India

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Professor md aziz

Professor Muhammad Aziz

University of Tokyo, Japan

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Speech Title: Future Perspective of Carbon-Free Hydrogen/Ammonia in Energy System


Professor md Rahman

Professor Muhammad Rahman

Wichita State University, USA

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